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©2009 Michaela Joysey
Oil on canvas

Archie was comissioned by a friend for his brother's birthday.  On this occassion I was given the photograph to work from.  Luckily it was just my style and was a beautiful picture to work from, the contrast was perfect.

©2002 Michaela Joysey
Oil on canvas

My first painting of Mike for my gradutation exhibition. 

©2002 Michaela Joysey
Oil on canvas

My delicious cousin Sam.  I remember taking the photograph for this as Sam was getting ready for bed, he'd just had a bath and was snuggled up in his mum and dad's bed.

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  1. Your portraits are amazing! I love how they look so realistic but yet so "clean". Keep up your great work! I'd love to see more portraits (you did your last one almost 4 years ago!), they are always fascinating.
    xox Svenja


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