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Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting. 

Aside from the day job I'm a painter with an interest in crafting and upcycling.

On the painting side of things, I paint portraits and flowers in oils. Portraits take a long time so it's nice to switch things up and take to the garden with my camera (I usually paint from photographs) for some colourful close up shots of plants.

On the crafty side I'm into textiles and sewing, making my own accessories and more recently refashioning clothing.

I've always had a passion for making things. From designing and making my own college ball gown (with a little help from my mum with the pinning) to the curtains and cushions that I now have around the house. I always like to have a project on the go and love to try new things.

I hate throwing things away so many of my projects are inspired by trying to find a way to re-use the things that may have seen better days. If something's looking a little tired (a t-shirt or dress or even my old coffee table) I'll find a way to change it or make it in to something new. I'm still trying to think of a use for mugs without handles and am currently erring towards smashing them up and using them to create mosaic pots for the garden. Having said all that, there is a fine line between saving things up for craft project and hoarding, sometimes you have to draw the line.

Most of my projects are textile based while some are a bit more diy like the aforementioned table. I also love making my own jam and trying out vegan cake recipes. When I decided to become vegan I thought I would miss out on the cake front, I was very wrong.

Through my blog I'll be sharing my paintings and projects as well as the useful resources that I come across along the way from crafty projects to baking and jam. I hope you enjoy reading and maybe even find something useful, I'll include the handy links to the tutorials that I have used and hopefully I'll come up with some of my own too.


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