Sunday, 10 March 2013

Guest post: Recycling old candles

Today I'm welcoming my first of (hopefully) many monthly guests. First up is the brilliant Claire whose blog is jam packed with wonderful crafty DIYs and beautiful photographs of Cambridge. I'm especially lucky that Claire managed to find the time to write this post before taking a mini-break from blog land. Over to Claire!

craftypainter: recycled candles by Claireabellemakes

Hello! I'm Claire from Claireabellemakes and today I'm going to share with you a tutorial for recycling your old candles.

How annoying is it when you get towards the end of your candle and the wick disappears?! I never ever throw old wax away. So, I will share some tips today for making the most of your old candles.

You will need:

Old jars or glass containers
Waxed candle wicks (I got 10 for £1 on ebay)
Old pieces of wax
Skewers or pencils
Metal jug (should only be used for making candles)

craftypainter: Recycled candles by Claireabellemakes

A little tip for getting the old wax out of containers:

Once your candle has cooled and you can no longer burn it, pour boiling water on the remaining wax. Leave the water to cool completely. The remove the wax in one lump (easy!) and wash your container with hot soapy water.

Prepare your containers by placing a wick into the bottom and wrap the end around a skewer or pencil to rest across the top. The wick should be straight.

craftypainter: Recycled candles by Claireabellemakes

Next, fill a saucepan with around 2 inches of water and place the metal jug into the saucepan.

Break up your wax pieces and place into the jug. If you have a big candle a hammer might be useful to smash it (inside a bag!). Remove any pieces with the wick in.

Keeping the pan on a low-medium heat, allow the wax to melt completely. It is best to keep all similar wax together. At this point you can add scent or colour if preferred. Do not leave the pan unattended during this stage.

craftypainter: Recycled candles by Claireabellemakes

Slowly pour the fully melted wax into the glass jars, being careful to keep the wick in place. Leave the wax to dry over night or plunge the bottom of the glass into cold water to set.

If you would like layered candles you can add more wax after each colour has dried.

craftypainter: Recycled candles by Claireabellemakes

Once the wax is dry, remove the skewer or pencil and trim the wick to just under ¼ of an inch. Any longer will mean that the candle flickers when burnt.

craftypainter: Recycled candles by Claireabellemakes

Light your candles and enjoy!

I hope you have enjoyed this upcycling tutorial today! If you would like to see my other DIYs, please visit my blog here. Thanks for having me Michaela!

Happy crafting!

Thanks so much Claire for a super post, I do love a good upcycle and the candles look beautiful, I will definitely be giving this a try. Do pop over and check out Claire's blog for other crafty DIYs here!


  1. Great post, thanks for sharing. China tea cups also make great containers for your 'recycled' candles. :o)

    1. I have a tea cup and saucer on stand by for exactly that. Just need to save up the used candles! :)

  2. Great DIY from a lovely lady! :)

    1. Agreed, very lucky to have Claire as my first guest! X

  3. Oh great! Just what i needed. I've been thinking of making my own candles. Thanks for the tips!

  4. really great informative post thanks for sharing....

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  5. Great fool proof tutorial. Just what I need. :)

  6. This is so cute! I also feel awful about throwing away all that excess wax; and as a bonus: what a lovely way to recycle Sainsbury's creme brulée glass containers... (All the more excuse to eat lots of them.)

  7. Thank you. just the thing I was looking for.


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