Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Crafty Creatives Box 9

I have to be honest and say that this month's theme didn't immediately grab me. Brown doesn't feature very heavily in my life and this box was big on brown, there was also quite a bit of leather which doesn't fit with my vegan ways. The theme was Steampunk which I've seen lots of on Etsy but felt at a bit of a loss as to know what to do with the contents which were...
  • The kit: decoupage trinket box
  • 3m brown leather cord
  • Pipe spacer beads
  • Bottle of crackle glaze
  • Metallic transfer foils
  • Bundle of leather scraps
  • Reel of wire
  • Bulb and clock charms
  • Lock clasps
  • Watch parts
  • Brown tweed fabric with metallic twist
The art card of a cute clockwork doll was by Britta of Deviantart.
craftypainter: Crafty Creatives box 9
Putting my prejudices against brown aside I started on the kit and really enjoyed it, inspired by this amazing fairy from the box 9 Pinterst board, I decided to decorate the box with the tiny watch pieces.

Here's my finished box, just need to find myself some trinkets!
craftypainter: Steampunk trinket box
craftypainter: Steampunk trinket box
Starting with the kit helped me get more excited by the box and I moved on to the wire which I found was lovely and soft and easy to bend.

I wondered if I could make a holder for cotton reels. I could! I sketched a basic design and worked out the size (and if I had enough wire). Five rows is actually a bit of a squeeze for the size of the frame but it works ok.
craftypainter: wire cotton reel holder
With the left over wire my mum made these two small mice.
craftypainter: wire mouse
The brown fabric will take some thought, perhaps a sparkly creature of some kind. The leather will have to find a new home with one of my crafty friends.

Overall, I really enjoyed this box and I'm glad I stuck with it, another great box from the Crafty Creatives ladies!

Share your links to your makes from the box, I love seeing what everyone has been up to!


  1. Oo thanks for sharing some ideas, I was a little lost as well. Although I do have a few ideas now.


  2. Wow - for someone with little inspiration you have done really well. LOVE the cotton reel holder. Brilliant idea.


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