Thursday, 31 January 2013

January highlights

Well January was a busy month on the blog after I decided to get organised and plan the posts for the month ahead. I thought I'd have a quick recap of highlights from the month both on and off the blog; I do love putting together a good collage.

On the blog:

craftypainter: January on the blog

First off there was the lovely Crafty Creatives 'Icy' box (I have yet to use the sparkly bath bomb), a walk around my garden and the crochet project with Cam City WI. I made a yummy vegan cheesecake, reopened my Etsy shop with a give away (still two days left to enter!) and finally the gorgeous 'Woodland' themed box from Crafty Creatives. 

Off the blog:

craftypainter: January off the blog

I worked mornings only for two weeks (wonderful) and discovered that my favourite place to go for hot chocolate is Costa since they have free WiFi and you don't have to do any silly logging in or registration (and the hot chocolate is massive). I spent about 5 minutes trying to photograph an upside-down swan and it snowed a bit. I started my half-marathon training and snuggled with The Cat who is feeling much better after a week of being unwell. 

Finally I learnt that if you run towards a rainbow you'll probably get rained on.

How was your January?


  1. What a great month! Great tip about the Costa WiFi. Good luck with your training. Hope that February is as good :)

    1. Thank you, hopefully there'll be no more snow to stop us getting out running!

  2. That looks like a good January :-) x


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