Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Crafty Creatives Box 7

I know I'm probably the last person to get around to writing about the Crafty Creatives January box but I have been a bit busy with getting everything sorted for the reopening of my Etsy shop. In case you missed it, I'm celebrating my reopening with a give away which you can enter here!

Anyway, back to the box! The theme could not have been better as my wonderful best friend Ro has decorated her new baby's room in a woodland theme. Huge congratulations to Ro and Steve on the arrival of Ivor who turned up in a bit if a hurry this morning, he is an absolute beauty.

So the very pretty art card this month comes from Lucy and this lovely box of goodies contained:
  • The kit: needle felted leaves
  • Toadstool beads
  • Wooden leaf buttons
  • Skeleton leaves
  • 5 leaf pendants
  • Owl print fabric
  • Flower soft
  • Fox beads
  • Owl pendant
  • 3 birch hearts
  • Pine cone
craftypainter: @craftycreatives box 7 contents

I got straight down to the needle felting as soon as I got the chance and made 13 leaves from the kit. After a bit of fiddling I threaded them on to some green ribbon. Hopefully there is a spot in Ivor's room where these can go.

Needle felted leaf garland by craftypainter

I haven't got started on the rest of the box yet but the leaf pendants are definitely going towards a charm bracelet. Since I don't wear earrings it'll be charms all the way with the fox and toadstool beads as well. I just need to get a few jewellery making supplies...

craftypainter: @craftycreatives box 7 contents

The flower soft, which looks like very finely chopped nylon netting, will be added to my glitter collection for future card making sessions and the birch hearts will be added to a photo frame (probably). 

Now I'm off to finish crocheting a hat for a very small person!


  1. This months box is definitely one of my favourites! It had so many cute and wonderful and lovely and amazing things in it! xxx

    1. I know and I was really pleased to get the needle felting kit, just need to stock up on some more felting fleece! xx

  2. Love the felted leaves. They look amazing. Looking forward to seeing the little hat and bracelets.

    1. Thank you, still working on the hat but will report back :)


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