Saturday, 5 January 2013

Crafty Creatives Box 6

craftypainter: Crafty Creatives Box 6
Wow wow wow! I loved the contents of the December box but sadly had no time to get stuck in before nipping away for Christmas. The beautiful art card by Eleanor Carter set the icy scene. In case you haven't caught up with any of the other Crafty Creatives box bloggers the December box contained:
  • The kit: mini bath bombs
  • Snowflake stickers
  • Two glass drop pendants
  • Icy glass beads
  • Paillettes
  • Strand of fluorite gemstones
  • Two glass hearts
  • Furry white yarn
  • 20m of elastic
  • Memory wire
  • PLUS - 3 Crafty Creatives badges
craftypainter: Crafty Creatives Box 6

I LOVE bath bombs, especially sparkly glittery ones, so the kit was perfect for me. If only I had time to make some for Christmas presents! I guess I'll just have to keep them!

Since I love glitter so much, I couldn't resist adding some to my bath bomb recipe. This was a really easy make although I think I did add a little too much water to the mix as once I pressed the mixture into the mold it started to expand, a lot!! Once it started to dry though, out I was able to press it all back in. The orange oil provided with the kit smelled amazing too.

craftypainter: Crafty Creatives - bath bomb kit

As soon as I saw the memory wire I knew exactly what to do with it. I had been planning to make the crochet snowflake by Hannah of Span's Studio which was featured in the first issue of Make and Craft magazine but hadn't managed to get the right size of wire. The choker wire provided in the kit was perfect but my first attempt with the fluffy yarn didn't quite work so I went with plain acrylic yarn.
craftypainter: Crafty Creatives Box 6 makes
I used the snowflake stickers to make these quick gift tags and then used the fluffy yarn to make some mini baubles. I've seen projects for yarn wrapped around polystyrene balls to make festive baubles but a screwed up piece of paper work just as well.

Now I'm off to catch up with what everyone else has been making with their box 6 items.


  1. I must admit when I opened my box and saw the choker I thought, 'I wonder if that would work for the snowflakes?' hee great minds think alike ;) I bought my wire from a bead shop in the town were I live, they used to sell it in Nottingham bead shop too who sell online if that helps :) x

    1. Thanks for the tip, I have only tried hobby craft so far and they only had bracelet sized wire. This one turned out a bit lumpy because I used a size four hook so the snowflake is actually a little bit for the hoop but I love the pattern. x

  2. Lovely snowflake. I never got around to making one this year :( maybe next? The bath bombs sound great - love the idea of glitter in them.

    1. You just can't have a bath bomb without glitter really :)

  3. Beautiful Ideas, I still haven't made anything with this box yet besides the bathbombs!


    1. One problem with the bath bombs is they smell so tasty, I love the orange fragarance. Let me know if you post anything about your box 6 makes and I'll pop over and have a look. x


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