Sunday, 30 December 2012

Reflections on 2012

Back in January I made some resolutions for the year ahead, how did I get on?

1) Apply for a shop window exhibition with Changing Spaces -  Well 2012 was the year that crafting took over my life while painting only got a very small look in. I've barely picked up my paint brushes in the past 12 months but I did get some new brushes for Christmas so no excuses for 2013. While I didn't apply for an exhibition space I did set up my Etsy shop and even made my first sales.  

2) Hold my shop window exhibition and host a private view
- Since I didn't hold an exhibition I couldn't really have a private view, but a private it view is just an excuse for a party, right? So with a rather tenuous link, in August I joined the Etsy craft party and met some brilliant local crafty people. We had drinks and nibbles and got creative, even better than a private view.

2) Blog more often - I definitely did this!!! It took a few months to get going but I certainly picked up the pace in 2012. My blog moved house in June  and I actually began to share it with other people. I started to get a better grasp of how Twitter works and I have enjoyed meeting some of my Twitter friends in real life.

4) Reach 100 ‘likes’ on facebook
- Erm...not quite, I haven't been very good at sharing or using my facebook page and have instead focused on Twitter but if you'd like to help me out in that respect pop on over.

5) Visit an exhibition or craft fair at least once a month for a boost of inspiration and motivation - Probably not, but then I wasn't keeping a very good record. An improvement on the previous year though. I went to the wonderful David Hockney exhibition in April and blogged about it here. I also visited lots of Open Studios and managed a few craft fairs. 

craftypainter: 2012 highlights

Other things that happened in no particular order, some crafty and some not....
  • I joined a brand new WI group in Cambridge and then went even further and joined the Committee taking over the blog for Cam City WI. I was really nervous about going along to the first open meeting but I'm so glad I did, it's been a great way to meet lots of new people. 
  • I reached my 50 runs at Cambridge parkrun and was rewarded with my wonderful 50 club t-shirt. Also on running, I ran 201.2km during March to raise money for the NSPCC. I've been taking things pretty easy over the past few months but am looking forward to gearing up for half-marathon training in the new year. 
  • I finally finished the year long project of re-upholstering two 1960's Parker Knoll arm chairs, see how they turned out!!
  • I held my first ever giveaway to celebrate the new Make and Craft Magazine
  • I entered my first craft swap.
  •  I joined Pinterest and Hellocotton (perfect ways to lose an entire evening!)
What was your highlight of 2012? 


  1. You've had a creative year! Sometimes resolutions seem to change shape, and looking back, you find you achieved lots of other exciting things instead. One year - I think it was 2009 - I wrote down in the back of my diary everything new I did like 'visited that museum', 'went to Liverpool for the first time', and was amazed at how much I'd racked up by the end of the year that otherwise I'd have forgotten about!

    Happy creative 2013!

    Anna x

    1. What a good idea for keeping track of everything! Part of the reason I started my blog was to have a record of everything, I've tried to keep a diary in the past but never stuck at it.

      Happy creative 2013 to you too! xx

  2. What a great year. Congratulations on the 50 park runs - 100 this year? (I must make more effort!) I am really looking forward to seeing some of your paintings. Have a great evening and I look forward to seeing your achievements in 2013.

    1. Thank you! Yes, 100 this year! Do come back, it's the only way to start the weekend. xx

  3. Well done on all your achievements, even if they were a bit different to what you had planned. I've enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to reading more about your crafty and artistic pursuits!

    Claire x

    1. Thank you Claire, likewise, I've loved keeping up with all your makes and bakes. Here's to a healthy and creative 2013! x


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