Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Crafting with Katie

craftypainter: Bunting

My friend Katie is getting married next year and her preparations are well underway. As part of her wedding theme Katie wanted to make some bunting and asked me to give her a hand. Last Thursday we managed to get ourselves organised for some after work crafting.

Katie had a lovely bundle of Cath Kidston fat quarters and we decided to choose three patterns for the bunting with two different sizes of flags.

craftypainter: Cath Kidston fabric for bunting
There was minor craft fail when I accidentally screwed up our paper templates and threw them away: it was only on my second search through the bin that I found them. We flattened them out and got cutting, pinning and stitching our triangles of fabric together. Katie hadn't used a sewing machine since school but did a brilliant job of stitching along the lines and we ended up with lots of beautiful flags.
craftypainter: bunting flags

The trickiest bit by far was pinning the flags into position along the bias tape, the flags wouldn't stay in place while we pinned!!
craftypainter: bunting
After about 3 hours, a few pinning injuries and plenty of Pringles & dip the beautiful wedding bunting was finished!!  
craftypainter: Bunting in Cath Kidston prints
What craft projects have got up to recently? If you've been blogging about them share your links!!


  1. Lovely bunting! I have that bundle of fat quarters too. Crafting with friends is always the best way I think :-)

    1. Thanks Claire, we had a great evening. Crafting with friends is definitely the bes way. x

  2. The bunting looks lovely - a great job :)


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