Monday, 12 November 2012

Autumn in a nut shell

I haven't been very good recently at keeping up with all of the blog posts that I want to write. I've been so busy spending my evenings crafting that I have struggled to keep up to date on blogging and some posts have fallen by the way side. So instead of stressing about it I've decided to write one post to round up everything I've missed and then I can move on. It also means I'll be able to share some of things that would never have made it in to a blog post of their very own. I'm not a huge fan of really long wordy blog posts so I'll try and keep it succinct but we are going all the way back to September!!!


Autumn treasures from around the garden.

craftypainter:Autumn Garden
In September I opened my Etsy shop and in October I made my first sales of gift tags and Christmas decorations.  It's really exciting to think that people are prepared to pay real money for the things I make and means I can buy more ribbon and fabric!!
craftypainter: craftypainterShop on Etsy
I also made these up-cycled coasters made from old shirts cut in to strips and braided, and I have a tutorial that I WILL finish writing soon so you can make some too...
craftypainter: Up-cycled coasters
At the end of September, The Mike and I went to stay for a few days with his parents.  On our first day by the sea, we cycled down to the beach and I came home with a bag full of treasure!!  I just love the bright orange shells although I haven't decided what to do with them. Perhaps another driftwood mobile?

 craftypainer: beach treasure
I had a 10km race coming up and had done no training so I needed to do some cramming. I ran to the beach every morning before breakfast, it was chilly but beautiful!
craftypainter: Hill Head beach


While trawling the Internet to try and find new ways of using some of my button stash I came across an idea for making a button garland.  For this one I was trying to use up some of my plainer coloured buttons, the garland is made with crochet chain stitch and every few stitches a button is worked in to the chain. I have a tutorial for this coming soon too!!!

I also worked out a way to use up all my tiny felt scraps by stitching them together to make pretty felt brooches.
craftypainter: October makes

At the start of half term I went to IKEA with my friend Ro, I was looking for inspiration for sorting out my craft supplies but only came home with a few bits and pieces (I was very restrained). However, I did spot this idea for decorating a lamp shade with strips of fabric, great for using up scraps!

craftypainter: Ikea scrappy lamp

At the end of half-term I went for a beach day to Wells in Norfolk with my mum and her dog, Zebedee. Half-term beach trips are a bit of a tradition although it's been a couple of years since we last made it. It was freezing and I didn't wear enough clothes but it was a beautiful day and despite the chill the beach was packed and there was an amazing atmosphere.

craftypainter: Wells beach and woods
I didn't bring home too many many treasures this time, but there were one of two special finds. The spikey sea urchin, and whelk shell that is broken down the middle were my favourite finds. Although the sea urchin is now in the garden because it smells.

So that's it, September and October all wrapped up (although I seem to have left myself with two more posts to write!)

Happy autumn everyone! (Or is it Winter now?)


  1. Love your up-cycled coasters! They're beautiful, can't wait for you to post a tutorial on how to do them! :) xxx

    1. Holl JC beat me to it! Love those coasters and look forward to the tutorial too.

      It's great to hear you are excited by your Etsy shop and it looks like you've had a good Autumn. I definitely feel like it's Winter now though - already dark and it's half past four!

      It was lovely to put a face to the blog at the last WI and I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting! x

    2. Thank you both, I will finish the coaster DIY this week (nothing like a deadline for a bit of motivation!)

      Lovely to meet you too Sophie, did you see your brooch up on the WI blog? xxx

  2. I love the photos. You seem to cover a wide range of different crafts, many of them things that I have never seen before. I am so looking forward to seeing more of your makes and your tutorials :)

    1. Thank you, I guess I'm a bit of a Jack of all trades really. Last night I was making lavender hearts and tonight I had a go at spinning yarn!! Must get tutorials up soon, they are my favourite posts to read on other blogs. :)

  3. It looks like you have had a lovely couple of months with lots of outdoor time :-)

    1. It was real treat to get out to the beach (twice!), the one thing Cambridge doesn't have. x

  4. I think missing blogging because you are busy is a good thing and looks like you have been very busy :) Congrats on your first sale! x


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