Monday, 22 October 2012

Crafty Creatives Box 4

I just love writing about the Crafty Creatives boxes and since people seem to like reading them (box 3 was my most popular post ever!) I thought it would be nice to keep going for the time being even if I am a little late.

So Box 4 arrived last week with a perfect theme for the time of year and with time to get some crafting done before the end of the month. The bat stamp on the box was a brilliant clue to the spooky Gothic theme.
 craftypainter: Crafty Creatives Box 4 Contents
The spooky art card from Carrion House was created especially for the box and the contents list on the back revealed:
  • The CC Kit - a masquerade mask
  • 3 large purple resin flower beads
  • 1 large silver winged pendant
  • 1 glass cabochon with Gothic frame setting
  • 8 mini skull beads
  • 10 silver studs
  • 2m each of satin and organza ribbon
  • vintage Gothic and Halloween pictures
  • 2 Gothic windows
  • 50cm strip of spider web mesh
  • 2 decorative ring blanks
  • a bundle of cruelty free feathers
  • 2 mini Gothic keys
  • a fat quarter of black lace
  • 50cm black non-woven fabric
  • Halloween sprinkles
I love the ribbon (of course) and the fabrics but there are so many things in the box that I have never used before which is really exciting and challenging. The giant purple buttons would look great on a chunky knit cushion but I have no idea yet what to do with the winged pendant. While I'm not a big fan when it comes to skulls I just love the bright colours of these mini beads and they are quite cute really. The Gothic windows will also take a little thinking about though...

I haven't got round to finishing the kit yet, because it's one that takes a little time (leaving to dry overnight), but will be perfect for Halloween parties! 
craftypainter: Crafty Creatives Box 4 Kit
I did however manage to find a few minutes to put together some quick makes to create this braided ribbon charm bracelet with a key fastening.
craftypainter: Braided ribbon key charm bracelet by craftypainter
And after a dig through my craft cupboard I found this cute ladybird which once belonged on my favourite ever pair of shoes, sadly the shoes are in need of repairs which are a little beyond me but I cannot bear to get rid of them.
craftypainter: Ladybird rind by craftypainter
What have you made with your Box 4 contents? If you've blogged about the box too, leave me you link!


  1. Ooh lovely makes! I'm going to have a play with mine and blog next week :-)

    1. Thanks Claire, looking forward to seeing them! x

  2. Hee hee love the lady bird ring! I still havent subbed, I missed this month and it looks like some great things where in there! The windows would look good on a card I think, with a nice image underneath. Or a journal cover! :)

    1. Ooh, you should sign up it's so exciting when it arrives, like getting presents. Great ideas for the windows, I was thinking along the same lines :)

  3. Love these!!so far I've only made a button ring using the ring blank but ive got lots of plans but just need to do them!xx

  4. Thank you, it's always such fun thinking of ways to use up all the bits and I love seeing what everyone else gets up to. x

  5. I would be so stuck to know what to do with any of it so I am always very impressed by what people manage to complete. I can understand the draw however. I look forward to seeing more of your makes :)


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