Saturday, 1 September 2012

Etsy Craft Party 2012

Last Friday I joined my fellow Cambridge crafters for the 2012 Etsy Craft party. Claireabellemakes got us all organised and her blog post about our afternoon can be found here!

I started off in Crochet Corner where two other crochet novices and I muddled our way through the instructions in a crochet book and eventually learnt how to do double crochet to produce some rather fine rectangles.

craftypainter: Etsy Craft Party - Crochet Hand Warmers
The following day I put my practise to good use and made these lovely hand warmers.

After a cake break, I got started on a friendship bracelet. I used to make loads of these when I was at school so even though it had been many years since, I quickly got back in to it.
craftypainter: Etsy Craft Party - Friendship Bracelet
I finished it off as soon as I got home and The Mike claimed it immediately!

I didn't have time on the day to have a go at the bicycle embroidery provided by Suzie Makes but I took home a spare pattern and on Sunday I discovered the upstairs of Hobby Craft in Cambridge (somehow I missed it last time) where I bought a small embroidery hoop. I got it finished after a couple of evenings.
craftypainter: Etsy Craft Party - Bicycle Embroidery

It was a great afternoon despite the chilly air and constant threat of rain. I learnt some brilliant new skills and rediscovered some long lost ones as well as meeting lots of lovely local crafters.

Hope to see everyone again next year!!


  1. You are a super neat crafter in all these projects! My bike embroidery looks very sloppy oops!

    Glad you enjoyed the party and worked on your crochet.


    1. Thank you, I'm sure your emboridery is just fine. Not sure how to finish mine off though, might just pop it in a frame. x

  2. Massively impressed with your wrist warmers ... and your bike embroidery!


    1. Thank you! That means a lot coming from a crochet guru!! x


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