Thursday, 20 September 2012

Crafty Creatives - Box 3

Wow!! Another amazing and imaginative theme from the Crafty Creatives ladies this month sees us heading east for some oriental inspiration. The box was once again jam packed with goodies and I was especially delighted by the red and gold brocade.

craftypainter: Crafty Creatives Box 3

The art card this month is my favourite so far, such a simple design of beautiful goldfish, 'Koi vs Koi' by Davide Martignoni, with the box contents on the back; 
  • The CC kit - this month make your own note book using traditional Asian book binding
  • 3 Chinese coins
  • Chinese symbol sheet
  • black ink
  • 1 sheet of oriental stickers
  • 1 wooden kokeshi doll
  • 3 sheets of origami paper
  • 1 fat quarter of Chinese brocade fabric
  • 1 large cinnabar bead
  • 3 pages from a Chinese new year fortune book
  • 4 metres of red cord
  • set of needles
  • a fortune cookie - Yum! 
craftypainter: Crafty Creatives Box 3
I'm really looking forward to seeing what I can get up to with the brocade fabric, it's so soft it would make a beautiful cushion cover, although it looks like it might be quite tricky to work with. I'd also like to try out some oriental inspired brooches perhaps with a coin in the centre instead of a button.

craftypainter: Crafty Creatives Box 3 contents
I thought the kokeshi doll would make a great little stamp, so with a craft knife I carved a simple button design in to the bottom, I'm really pleased with the results and I managed not to injure myself in the process!!  I also used the red cord to turn the cinnabar bead into a pendant.
craftypainter: Crafter Creatives Box 3 Makes
The kit this month was also brilliant! I have made my own sketch books before but this was a completely new technique and much simpler. I added a few gold beads from Box 2 to finish it off perfect for sketching and I'll definitely be giving this another go.
craftypainter: Crafty Creatives Kit
Now I'm off to find out what everyone else has been up to with their box. If you have blogged about Box 3 let me know and share you link!


  1. Wow. That looks like it will keep you busy for some time! I love the notebook and the addition of the beads is inspired!

    1. Sorry, I only just spotted your comment! It certainly will, I still haven't decided what to do with the fabric, it's not quite big enough for a cushion but maybe some smaller lavender pillows would work well. x


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