Sunday, 19 August 2012

Crafty Creatives - Box 2

The second Crafty Creatives box arrived on our doormats this week and there was a lot to live up to after the stunning Box 1. The theme of the box was again top secret and as the first few blog posts went up I did my best to stay away from them. While I couldn't wait to find out what was in the box I didn't want to spoil the surprise this time.

The gingham paper was a bit of red herring because inside was a fabulous box filled with all things nautical. I'm so glad I waited for my own box because it was a real treat to discover all the treasures for myself.

The art card had a beautiful lighthouse print by Anthony Peters and on the back the usual contents list;
  • The CC kit - this month a nautical bracelet
  • driftwood - for a crafty challenge
  • 2 coconut shell fish buttons
  • 1 boat wheel pendant
  • 3 large wooden bunting flags
  • 3 porcelain fish beads
  • 10m of coloured paper string
  • large square of hessian
  • small bag of red, white and blue buttons
  • 1 string of glass pearls
  • 3 sheets of nautical paper - taken from a sailors dictionary
  • 5 little starfish pendants
  • 2m of flag ribbon with 3 blank tags
There were so many exciting and unusual things, on the contents card the Crafty Creatives ladies said they wanted to give us a challenge...

craftypainter: Crafty Creatives Box 2 Contents

So hard to choose a favourite but I love the coco shell fish buttons...
craftypainter: Crafty Creatives Box 2 Contents

And the tiny star fish pendants which I think might become a charm bracelet. 
craftypainter: Crafty Creatives Box 2 Contents

The kit this month was brilliant, a rope bracelet with an anchor fastener. I made it straight away so that I could include a picture of the finished article.
craftypainter: Crafty Creatives Box 2 Kit - Rope Bracelet

I found that the rope provided was very generous and I wanted to have a snug fitting bracelet so I trimmed it back before adding the waxed cotton to bind the ends. On the first attempt however, I did make it a little too short and I could only just do it up. So I unwound one of the ends and made a longer loop.

craftypainter: Crafty Creatives Box 2 - Rope Bracelet
I wasn't sure at first if the bracelet was really 'me' but after I tried it on I didn't want to take it off again.

And that's one of the best things about the Crafty Creative box, it opens your eyes to new things that you might not consider trying normally. The driftwood pieces did stump me a little at first but I decided to unwrap them and have a play, I think the three mini pieces that I have will be a great basis for a mobile but if that doesn't work maybe some Christmas decorations.

As for the hessian there are lots of ideas over on the Crafty Creatives blog, I'm thinking maybe some lavender bags with some stitching into the hessian with embroidery thread.

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