Sunday, 22 July 2012

Day of the Triffids

With all the rain we've been having recently my garden has been neglected and the plants have been growing like mad! The first sunny Saturday in a long time meant it was time for a garden haircut!  Everything was looking really lovely and lush but also getting tall and gangly. The pink geraniums have been looking amazing but they were climbing out of the flowerbed and taking over the lawn.
It looks a little drastic but in a couple of weeks the geranium will have re-sprouted and hopefully so will the lawn.
Geranium patch before and after.
It was worth it though as I found these hidden gems, two plants which I bought last year and had forgotten about were hiding in the foliage.
White penstemon complete with two hoverflies and delicate purple thalictrum.
I also took the opportunity to attack my veg patch, here's a before and after of the tomato and leek bed, (with and without thistles).

The 'pond' also needed some attention, mainly around the outside. It may be small but it has everything, rocks, plants and even some tiny lily pads.

Once all the hard work was over, I took a few extra snaps from around the garden, including these scrummy blueberries, purple clematis and another couple of hoverflies.

After a long hot morning of mowing and snipping, it was time for a break. The cat was in agreement, not that she did anything!

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