Saturday, 21 July 2012


Yesterday I took an after work trip in to town with my friend and fellow crafter Katie (@McTweenigal). One of the places we stopped by was the very lovely CallyCo, the tiny haberdashery shop just off Cambridge market. It's jam packed with beautiful fabrics, sewing accessories and cushions. I bought this amazing cushion in CallyCo a couple of year's ago for my friend Ro. Here she is modelling it.
Ro and her birthday cushion.
On yesterday's trip is was Katie's discovery of the remnants basket that made my afternoon. Along with the usual larger pieces of reduced off-cuts was a basket of scraps from 5p each, perfect for smaller craft projects like my corsages. Needless to say I got stuck in. As I'm currently trying to use up some of my materials due to a lack of room, I limited myself to only a few pieces.
My scrappy bargain.
Some lovely fabrics for my stash and all for just 70p!


  1. Great shop isn't it? I work quite close to it, so it's such a mission to stop myself spending loads at lunchtime!

    1. Ooh, the temptation...not sure I'd be able to cope! Great for last minute presents though.


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