Monday, 18 June 2012

Peacock Cushion - Part I

I seem to have an abundance of tiny fabric off-cuts stored up from the left overs of other projects. Some of them are really small, no bigger than a £2 coin, but still good for using in applique projects. I was thinking that it's about time I found a use for them and I thought about making another owl cushion in the style of these two.
Owl Cushion by Ro and Owl Doorstop by Michaela
However, Mike felt that one owl cushion is enough and suggested I try a peacock. I tried out a few sketches first before arriving at the final pattern design. I then photographed my drawing and had a play in Photoshop to try out some different colour variations. Here are the rather pleasing results!!

They're a bit scruffy looking but give me a good idea of what I hope the final cushion will look like. Just have to decide which one to go with! Or both??

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