Monday, 28 May 2012

Hunt & Darton Cafe

This afternoon I took myself and my mum off to the Hunt & Darton Cafe.

It was the last day of the pop-up art installation and a great place to spend a baking hot day with a glass of home-made lemonade (even though it was actually hotter inside).

There was lots to see and I especially loved the floor, an installation by Lisa Wilkens, which had been tiled using old book covers.

'Survival Shelf' by Low Profile, was comissioned especially for the cafe, I learned this from the free newspaper, it's a collection of books with the word 'survival' in the title and a resource for cafe goers. 
Survival Shelf by Low Profile

There were also some imaginitave table decorations these two guys were my favourites.

After soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the lemonade served by pearly queens, we were offered some take away art at the till.

I chose a bowl of cocoa pops
 Bowl of Cocoa Pops postcard from Hunt & Darton Cafe

For more info on other art projects taking place across the east over the summer, visit the Live Art Collective website.

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